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Odoo ERP Solution for Businesses

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The ever growing technology has pushed the need to simplify customer experience to a complete new level. Today it has become authoritative for businesses to adopt the latest of technology and keep pace with the changing customer favorites. While keeping investments to the bare minimum, every business seeks a hassle-free enterprise management solution and here comes to their release Odoo ERP solution.

What is Odoo ?

Odoo is an all-in-one management software that offers a range of business applications that form a complete suite of enterprise management applications targeting companies of all sizes. Odoo is an all-in-one business software including CRM, website/e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse – and project management, and inventory

Odoo ERP Solution for Businesses

Odoo ERP development is dedicated at small and medium sized businesses. With more than 1000 OpenERP units to cater a variety of businesses, it is voluntarily available on the cloud as well as on site. As per Fabien Pinckaers, CEO Odoo/OpenERP, “Before Odoo, the only options to integrate all your applications were complex implementation projects through services such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics. Now, you can integrate all your business apps. The quality of most Odoo applications outperforms the top players in each category”. Owing to its ever-growing active community, flexibility of use and easy edition to requirements, Odoo has become one of the most used open source solution in the world.

Why Opt for Odoo ERP Development?

There are more than one reason that Odoo ERP development is preferred over any other open source alternative. Some of the reasons that make Odoo a cut above the rest are listed as under:

It is open source

No restrictive charge and rehashing costs One of the best ERP in the market.


Need any custom features? you can do it with the help of an Odoo design.

It is open source

Business/Organization evaluate doesn’t have any kind of effect, you can incorporate any number of customers in Odoo.

Custom Readymade Apps

14000+ moment applications that everyone can access from Odoo applications store.

Global Support

Responsive assistance from Odoo assembling and mailing records.

Proven Product

Around 3+ million people are building up their business by using Odoo.

Eg: Toyota, Hyundai, PCI

Less Implementation Cost Less execution Time Frame.

Up to date with Technology

Odoo ERP gets visit refreshes and overhauls as demonstrated by the latest mechanical condition. Latest Odoo interpretations are Odoo V10 and V11.

Highly Modular

You don’t need to present the entire Odoo totally on your structure. You can download and acquaint specific application modules concurring with your business needs. Eg: Odoo ERP of POS with Accounting

Easily Integrate with Third-party organizations

Odoo can be fused with some other outcast authority associations like SMS, Social media, shopping districts et cetera

Industry-Specific Modules:

Auto Workshop, Vehicle rental organization system, Hotel organization, Clinic, Beauty Spa Management and more industry-specific module open in Odoo


It is conceivable that we can use the standard Odoo ERP which has a significantly simple to utilize UI, or we may download the available themes. We can in like manner make new points with our own considerations.

Odoo Modules

Odoo ERP easy to integrate modules is its USP. From managing and classifying your sales orders on a structural and hierarchical system to managing your employee’s attendances, their leaves and absences requests, Odoo modules can resolve all your business pain-points under a single tool! Take a look at some of the popular Odoo ERP modules here:


Website Edition






Inventory Management


Point of Sale


Sales Management


Automated Calendar


Leave Management












Project Management


Automated Stock Update


Automated Invoicing




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